August 28, 2012

fall back in

As summer comes to a close, the season beckons all my so-called "friends" to leave me and prepare for their new lives at college and university (who does that to someone??). So, to avoid the inevitable boredom that will come with my friendless, school less, pathetic lifestyle of sleeping all day, watching box sets of 90's television shows and John Hughes movies that make me reminisce of my "golden high school years" (HAHAHAHA YA RIGHT), I decided it would be in my best interest to at least do something productive with my day, if only for a small period of time. THUS, here we are. Or  more appropriately, here I am; as it gives me great joy to only imagine that people are wasting their time reading this instead of going out into the world and achieving success. This post is far more depressing than I wanted it to sound. But, (in school my english teacher told us never to start a sentence with "but". BUT I'm doing it anyway!!! Join my revolution against the rebellion of past high school english teachers!!) the point is, even in my loneliness are bursts of excitement towards the upcoming season: fall. It's all I can think about; sweaters, scarves, layers, tea, pumpkins, soup, lattes, leaves, books, bags, spells, boots, fingerless gloves...the list goes me it really does I have it beside me. It's so completely overwhelming, I think I need to blog about it. Cue the "Hallelujah" chorus, I finally got to my purpose of this new born baby of a blog. So trade in your flip flops for Doc Martens and wool socks and join me (or don't, I don't run your life MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES!) as each day I blog about something I feel is intimately related to the autumn season; be it fashion, food, books, music, movies, etc. Bear with me.

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