August 31, 2012

hi, how are you?

I'm feeling very nostalgic on this last day of August (as an ANNOYING FLY BUZZES AROUND MY HEAD) and I am sitting here listening to the only musician that can make me feel even more lonely and hopeless (WHAT! IMPOSSIBLE! I know), yet so happy and peaceful at the same time. I first came across Daniel Johnston when I was 14 and he's been in my head ever since singing sweet lullabies to me in the most normal and non creepy way possible. His melodies give me all sorts of warm-and-fuzzy-sitting-by-the-fire-in-your-fav-sweater-on-a-crisp-evening-ok-this-is-getting-out-of-hand feelings, and don't even get me started on his artwork. SERIOUSLY DON'T unless you want to and we can have a nice chat about it over a rootbeer. Hear my cover of "True Love Will Find You In The End" HERE (<--- there).

Daniel Johnston, artwork, family portrait, artwork, Daniel Johnston and his tape,    
The Story of an Artist- Daniel Johnston

August 30, 2012

haystack charm around your neck


don't you forget about meeee

So I still can't stop thinking about John Bender and his exposed fingers (holding my delicate face, obviously) and decided to keep with the natural flow of things with everyone getting ready for school and all and just do an entire Breakfast Club post (applause)!!! Okay relax...
In so many ways the Breakfast Club has become iconic since its 1985 release, for being the defining movie outlining the differences in social cliques, high school peer pressure, and acceptance. Five kids: a badass (judd nelson), a jock (emilio esteves), a kooky weirdo (ally sheedy), a stuck up bitch (sorry, molly ringwald), and a brain (anthony michael hall) meet one Saturday in detention only to overcome their social differences and become total buds over the course of 8 hours!! It's an American dream, really. I mean, acceptance is one of the things every teen hopes for in high school, let's GET REAL. If you're one of those people who are all "oh, I don't care what people think I'm just gonna be MEEEEEEE!!!!! LLALAALAALALAAALAAA!!" I get it, but you're lying if you didn't at least hope people would just ACCEPT that. Does this make sense? I feel like I'm rambling, or at least reading pages from my diary. What? Okay, anyways so the overall theme of the movie is awesome and the end of the movie is the only time I ever wish I was Molly Ringwald (*spoiler* John Benders exposed fingers against her face and not mineeeeekjahlurl). That girl gets EVERYTHING. No matter how bitchy (The Breakfast Club, and HELLO Pretty in Pink anyone?? Poor Duck *sadface*), conceited (BClub), annoying (both, again) and basically a total loser but with great fashion sense (PIP, 16 Candles) she always, and I mean always, gets the guy. IT'S CINEMA I KNOW but still it gives us losers false hope. Moving on... 


 I wanna talk about two things here: how perfect Ally Sheedy as Allison (lol name quirks) is in this movie, and how perfect her comfy casual i-hate-the-world-and-everyone-in-it look is. I'm talking before she gets all pimped out by Claire (Ringwald) and is just basking in black oversize sweaters and long flowy skirts and probably hasn't showered in a while.
 Wearing a parka inside. Totally rebellious. Fight the system sister!
 Scuffed up chucks with rumpled high socks over dark green tights and a long skirt. So totally fall.
Actin all non-chalant as Andy stares into her soul very romantically and not creepy at all. He loves her scarf too, probably.

The only part I don't get is why there is so much of that awkward *~sexual tension~* between these two and suddenly BAM she puts on a little blush, pushes her hair out of her eyes and totally changes her color palette and he is suddenly completely like putty in her hands. 
 Notice the obvious jaw drop ^^ keep your pants on Emilio.

I guess good for her or whatever but like, and this is the total hidden feminist in me, does this mean if we are a little quirky with style, or weird, or just slightly crazy we should change all that so a guy will wanna kiss us outside of our mom's car while she watches??!!?! Life, man.

I know, I've already posted about Judd's style as John on here but I just wanted to put this picture up. THIS IS FOR ME. Go away.

With the risk of this being the longest post in the history of blog posts I'm gonna keep these next few short and sweet and shut up. It's nothing against you, Claire.
Matching nails and shirt. She's over it.
Leather jacket I can only dream of.
Better, yet worse quality of dream jacket! First world problems!!
Oh, here we go. THE RALPH LAUREN BOOTS TOO!! *creys* credit to

Ahhhh, Brian. The level-headed brain. Besides the whole flame gun thing, Brian keeps it chill with adorable comfortable sweaters, probably in a variety of colors.
Keep it real, Bri.

EMILIOOOOOO!!!!! Idk I don't really have much to say. It's 1 am now and you dress like my dad would if he was still 17.

Okay so I feel like I never want to watch the Breakfast Club again ever forever for a week. Who really wants this post to be over now?

August 28, 2012

judd nelson's closet

judd nelson's closet

I watched The Breakfast Club for the 298745th time in lue of the upcoming school year (for those actually going back) and made two observations: John Bender is a dream boat, and, John Bender has awesome style. Layers, layers and more layers, my friends. I can almost hear Simple Minds now...

fall back in

As summer comes to a close, the season beckons all my so-called "friends" to leave me and prepare for their new lives at college and university (who does that to someone??). So, to avoid the inevitable boredom that will come with my friendless, school less, pathetic lifestyle of sleeping all day, watching box sets of 90's television shows and John Hughes movies that make me reminisce of my "golden high school years" (HAHAHAHA YA RIGHT), I decided it would be in my best interest to at least do something productive with my day, if only for a small period of time. THUS, here we are. Or  more appropriately, here I am; as it gives me great joy to only imagine that people are wasting their time reading this instead of going out into the world and achieving success. This post is far more depressing than I wanted it to sound. But, (in school my english teacher told us never to start a sentence with "but". BUT I'm doing it anyway!!! Join my revolution against the rebellion of past high school english teachers!!) the point is, even in my loneliness are bursts of excitement towards the upcoming season: fall. It's all I can think about; sweaters, scarves, layers, tea, pumpkins, soup, lattes, leaves, books, bags, spells, boots, fingerless gloves...the list goes me it really does I have it beside me. It's so completely overwhelming, I think I need to blog about it. Cue the "Hallelujah" chorus, I finally got to my purpose of this new born baby of a blog. So trade in your flip flops for Doc Martens and wool socks and join me (or don't, I don't run your life MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES!) as each day I blog about something I feel is intimately related to the autumn season; be it fashion, food, books, music, movies, etc. Bear with me.