March 31, 2013

OOTD: sunday, easter sunday

Thrifted yellow knit
La Vie En Rose pink lace slip (oooohhh risque) 
American Apparel knee high socks
Forever 21 denim platforms

FRUIT NECKLACE AND BRACELET (Christmas gift from Brooke)(I put her name there as if everyone should know who I'm talking about)(Brooke)
Holographic clutch from Aldo 
Joseph Marc 4034 transparent glasses

MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation in NC20
Annabelle blush in #44
NYX eyebrow palette
MAC Saint Germain amplified creme lipstick (le duh)
Benefit High Brow Glow eyebrow highliter (le duhh)
MAC Rubenesque paint pot
MAC Zoom Lash Mascara 
Happy Easter Sunday! Unless you're sad, in which case I won't tell you that my friend Quinn and I had an Easter egg hunt this morning because that would probably just make you more sad/jealous. But ughhhh I want to tell you so baaaaad ughhh. Anyways, I'm going to keep this short and sweet (chocolate) so here is my Easter OOTD!! Because Jesus didn't arise to see me walking around in anything less than pastels on such a sunny spring day. It's in the bible. BYEEEE!

March 27, 2013

OOTD: first shorts of the season!

Army jacket from Topshop
Thrifted black sleeveless turtle neck
High waisted denim shorts from American Apparel
Thrifted black boots

Black beanie from American Apparel
Gold chain from Aldo Accessories
Sunglasses from Aldo Accessories
Spiked bracelets from Aldo Accessories (do you see a pattern me neither)
Vintage Gucci watch
Lost Girl pin

MAC Viva Glam matte red lipstick (obviously)
L'Oreal Telescopic mascara (that you can't see)

 Today, I wore shorts. Calm down! Everybody sit down!!! This doesn't mean I'm gonna go out in a tank top and shorts, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. Mother Nature, I hope you're listening. I finally feel like I can start dressing like myself again! It's so INVIGORATING so EXCITING I'm so BROKE. Someone stop me from spending so much money on cute springtime accessories and summer dresses. I think there should be a clinical medical condition for shopping addiction. Is there? I'm too scared to find out. *Talking to everyone who consistenly reads my blog and likes it* How would you feel about a collective haul video? I feel the need to share my things so people can be excited with me and tell me it's okay that I bought it, that everything will be okay...Hope you all had a sunny day!
ALSO! Before I forget, I probably will be posting this numerous times over the course of the next few weeks, but I submitted a cover to the MuchMusic Coca-Cola covers contest and here is the link to my cover: CLICK ME!! PLEASEEEE!!!!!! and it would be FANTASTIC if you could give the video a little ol' rate!! Thanks guys! Ta-ta!!

Wow I just said ta-ta.

March 24, 2013

i always wanted to be a tenenbaum

Note: wooden finger made out of band aids and scotch tape.
Suzy and Sam from "Moonrise Kingdom"
Sweet Lime from "The Darjeeling Limited"
Last night I channeled my inner teenage angst (which wasn't too hard) and multiplied it by 10 in order to go out and prove to the world I am Margot Tenenbaum. Okay not the world. Like 15(ish) people probably. 15(ish) people all dressed in attire straight from Wes Anderson's wonderful brain. That's right, it was a Wes Anderson themed party for my friend's birthday! I can die happily. I wish I had taken more photos of this wonderful evening but I was too busy chain smoking in the corner and thinking unmentionable thoughts about my brother (not actually)(gross)(Matt no).  

Take black eyeliner. Put it on your eyes. A lot. Wear fur so people know they can't mess with you. Don't smile. Leave.

March 19, 2013

OOTD: My Neighbour Watched Me Do This

Thrifted crochet crop sweater (the label reads: "joyful adventures on green grassy plain")
XXI bell bottom chords
XXI black platforms

Aldo Accessories brown studded satchel
House of Harlow inspired oversized cat eye sunglasses
deLux black felt hat    
XXI black platforms

Maybelline Vivids lipstick in Electric Orange
Benefit High Brow Glow eyebrow highlighter
MAC Woodwinked velux pearl eyeshadow
MAC Margin frost blush 

I love this title, doesn't it have such a nice, comforting ring to it? I would have asked him to join in the photos but the bathrobe and slippers look is so last fall. 
But yes, here is my OOTD! I have this weird thing for items with other people's names on them (I have a keychain with the name Christine on it, among others) and as I glanced to my gold chain necklace with the name "Sandra" on it in gold funky letters, I was instantly inspired to create this outfit. All I need is long, wavy hair and my transformation to 70's chic is complete! 
I love my XXI bell bottoms but never get to wear them enough! When I found the crocheted sweater in a thrift store, I knew I had found their soul mate.
My black platform XXI (I see a theme) heels are honestly the most comfortable platforms I've purchased. They are so versatile and have really outlasted their time considering I only bought them for around $20!

For makeup I wanted to go for a really natural glowy look with a bold lip. I'm wearing Maybelline's New Vivids Electric Orange lipstick. I bought this lipstick a couple weeks ago and really love the color and subtle shine. For my eyes I'm wearing MAC'S Woodwinked eyeshadow. I don't have too many of MAC's products (other than their lipsticks), but I find out of the few I have I literally swear by them. This eyeshadow is one of those. It's a really pretty warm golden color that just makes your eyes pop. I wore it for my high school graduation (oh so long ago...I can barely remember...oh to be young again!) and haven't taken it off since. Wow that sounds gross but you know what I mean. Another MAC product I can't live without is their Margin frost blush. Out of all the blushes I own, it's my absolute favorite. It really highlights the cheekbones so much that when I wear it I just skip my contour.
Well this post turned into a review, now didn't it? I JUST HAVE A LOT TO SAY OK?? I see myself making a "Products I Can't Live Without Post" in the future somewhere, but for now, are there any products you can't live without? *waits patiently for the end of the world before someone comments on this blog*


Playlist of the Day: Storm clouds are raging all around my door

spring time with friends from hblaisauce on 8tracks Radio.

I think this title ("The Man in Me" by Bob Dylan lyric) is quite suitable for these past few days. The weather here has been crazy! Throughout the course of one day it's like I'm watching an entire year pass by through my window; rain one minute, hail the next, then snow, and finally some sunshine to immediately melt the remains! Right now the sun is out and there are no signs of a thunder/hail/dog/yogurt/ storm in the near future, but the weather is as unpredictable as...whether or not I will think of something witty to end this with.
Enjoy some sunny tunes I've been listening to lately to put a little "spring" in your step! (haaahaaaaaaaaaa oh me...)

March 15, 2013

viva glam

Studded sweater from Urban Outfitters
High waisted riding pants from Urban Planet (That place is an affordable goldmine, shutup)
Deena and Ozzy platform sandals from Urban Outfitters

L'Oreal True Match foundation powder in W3
MAC Margin Frost powder blush
MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow
MAC Viva Glam matte lipstick
Benefit High Brow Glam eyebrow highlighter

So since I took these photos half asleep, in the dark last night at 10PM, this outfit is completely contrasting to my "the sun is shining and it's warm and I had a popsicle" mood today, but I figured I would post them anyways. I received the studded sweater from Urban Outfitters in the mail a couple weeks ago and was slightly intimidated by the size and quantity of all dem studs but I figured if I ever forgot my switchblade at home, this little item could come in handy. Plus, it's as comfy as... something covered in studs could be. I also got a chance to show off my Deena and Ozzy platform sandals that came with my sweater which are pretty much my babies. LOOK AT THEM. Kudos, Urban Outfitters, kudos. 
So if you didn't realize from my previous post, I'm slightly obsessed with MAC lipstick. I'm wearing their Viva Glam red matte which I, of course, love. It's such a classic deep red with a Marilyn Monroe-y feel. My only criticism is I find it leaves my lips rather dry and due to the fact it's so smooth and light weight, I forgot I even had it on and applied lip balm to relieve the dryness. It was only after opening the balm later to see it smeared with red did I clue in! Other than that this lipstick is just as great as it smells. (It smells great, if you didn't know)  

Hope everyone's day was a great as mine! But I had a popsicle and a gypsy staring at me through the window (like I ate a popsicle and there was also a gypsy staring me, there wasn't a popsicle and a gypsy staring at me), so that's pretty hard to beat. 

March 13, 2013

what's up spring 2013!!

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new BLOOOGGGGG POST!!! I KNOW WHA-woah still in caps there- I know what you're thinking: "Is this a dream?" And the answer is probably. Life could be one big dream and we don't even know it. We could merely be character's in somebody's dream. Freaky. I hope I'm in Nicki Minaj's. But seriously, it's been awhile since I've been on this thing and the can be blamed ENITRELY on the miserable winter weather discouraging me to do anything, ever. I like to think I connect with bears on a spiritual level in the winter, as we both have similar hibernation routines.
me with a stylish face mask and my bear friend
SOOO after a three month hiatus and since I am very very excited about the beginning of spring, I am back on the blogging train. I wish I could say the decision happened dramatically; as the sun arose from the shadows, warming the earth with its rays and enlightening me as I shot up out from my bed full of blog-spiration, but we all know I was watching Step Up crying over a tub of Almond Dream (it truly is a dreEeEeam) at 1am when I decided to accept spring as my savior.

If you are like me and crawl under the covers for months at a time the moment a snowflake falls and it is NOT Christmas, then you are in need of fresh spring awakening and I don't mean the musical because that would be weird! For me this means a fresh new wardrobe, because you can't stay in your pajamas forever (unfortunately); beauty supplies to make yourself look and feel slightly less like a gremlin and more like a human being; and an overall fresh outlook on life and I definitely didn't use that semi colon correctly. So here are some key styles for spring and also some products I've indulged in and am thoroughly enjoying for the upcoming season.


1. nail polish
To me, there's nothing more satisfying than a fresh coat of nail polish. I'm really into pastels this season, as you'll see, and I'm jumping into spring wearing American Apparel's Nail Lacquer in "Summer Peach". Remind me to never be a hand model.

2. makeup

 I've been on the look out for the perfect nude and pale pink lipstick for a while now, and it's safe to say the journey ended when I stumbled across Mac's "Saint Germain" amplified pale pink lipstick and their matte "Honey Love". The "Saint Germain" is a perfect pastel pink creme lipstick that makes me feel like a real-life Barbie without the unrealistic body proportions that would eventually lead to my inevitable demise from chronic diarrhea and malnutrition...just saying. They are both long lasting and super blend-able, so if you're in the market for new lip colors for spring, I highly recommend these puppies.

3. for the home
It's time to store away those old holiday candles and light up your living space with the aroma of fresh cut lavender, or vanilla, or whatever scent you relate to spring! I recently went out on a candle shopping spree and one that I found ever so delightful was the the three-wick "Garden Bouquet" from Bath & Body Works. It reminds me of my childhood running through the tall grass and honey suckle in my uncle's back field during the summertime. I'm pretty sure that happened, anyways.

4. wardrobe
Here are a couple key staples I keep in my spring wardrobe. It was hard for me to transition from baggy sweaters and sweatpants to skinny jeans and light weight tops, so these outfits are slightly toned down and honestly pretty basic but nevertheless are suitable and great for spring!

 I found a breezy chiffon blouse in my favorite color for spring which is this sea-foamy-minty-green. It looks great paired with fun patterned pants which I've been seeing a lot of lately. I'm wearing my Zara floral patterned jeans that I bought last year and absolutely love with all of my being. It's like a garden in my pants! In a non-weird way.

Pastel pants are huge. Not literally. I mean like they are super popular right now. For spring. Okay. They look great paired with a statement top or blouse or whatever you feel like wearing it with because they are honestly so neutral and wonderful and really who am I to dictate your style choices?? Just please change what you're wearing right now, though. I'm wearing pale-yellow skinny fit pants from *whispers* Urban Planet, with my tropical tank from Forever 21 and my rose gold chain link necklace.

I didn't realize until the sun peaked around the corner to say hello, how much the winter affected my mood and lifestyle habits. So this spring I'm determined to be a happy, more creative/productive human being! There are so many things to be excited about this year and I'm excited (again) to share it with the 2.5 people who read this blog! In keeping with being social media savvy, feel free to follow me on --> Twitter <---and ---> Instagram <--- if you want to know what I'm currently thinking/looking at*.

* (spoiler: it's mostly food and Harry Styles)