March 15, 2013

viva glam

Studded sweater from Urban Outfitters
High waisted riding pants from Urban Planet (That place is an affordable goldmine, shutup)
Deena and Ozzy platform sandals from Urban Outfitters

L'Oreal True Match foundation powder in W3
MAC Margin Frost powder blush
MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow
MAC Viva Glam matte lipstick
Benefit High Brow Glam eyebrow highlighter

So since I took these photos half asleep, in the dark last night at 10PM, this outfit is completely contrasting to my "the sun is shining and it's warm and I had a popsicle" mood today, but I figured I would post them anyways. I received the studded sweater from Urban Outfitters in the mail a couple weeks ago and was slightly intimidated by the size and quantity of all dem studs but I figured if I ever forgot my switchblade at home, this little item could come in handy. Plus, it's as comfy as... something covered in studs could be. I also got a chance to show off my Deena and Ozzy platform sandals that came with my sweater which are pretty much my babies. LOOK AT THEM. Kudos, Urban Outfitters, kudos. 
So if you didn't realize from my previous post, I'm slightly obsessed with MAC lipstick. I'm wearing their Viva Glam red matte which I, of course, love. It's such a classic deep red with a Marilyn Monroe-y feel. My only criticism is I find it leaves my lips rather dry and due to the fact it's so smooth and light weight, I forgot I even had it on and applied lip balm to relieve the dryness. It was only after opening the balm later to see it smeared with red did I clue in! Other than that this lipstick is just as great as it smells. (It smells great, if you didn't know)  

Hope everyone's day was a great as mine! But I had a popsicle and a gypsy staring at me through the window (like I ate a popsicle and there was also a gypsy staring me, there wasn't a popsicle and a gypsy staring at me), so that's pretty hard to beat. 

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