March 11, 2014

OOTD: peace tea

Thrifted yellow knit, blossom skort, bowler hat
Converse All-Star's
Thrifted name plate necklace
Thrifted circular steam-punk sunglasses
Black suede Aldo wedges

I hope this weather never ever ceases to exist. I can't remember feeling this happy in ages! Who knew all I needed was a little bit of vitamin D? Today I channeled my inner thrift demon and pieced together an outfit that reminded me of sunshine/My So Called Life. I then proceeded to pose very elegantly, as usual. You can always tell when I'm in the best of moods when I walk (dance) down to the Mac's store to pick up some healthy snacks (chocolate/ice cream) and go sit atop the playground where I went to elementary school and listen to music with all my friends (alone, with some girl and her dogs watching me). I think it's my happy place. But I guess anywhere there's chocolate and my best friend, Me, is my happy place. I'm honestly in such high spirits you could come up and stab me in the stomach and I'd probably just want to take a selfie with you. What? What did I just say? As you can probably see, I played around with photoshop a little with these photos, putting them side by side or is some funky blended layout; gettin' back to my Piczo roots. I ruled Piczo. I've been diddling with HTML lately, too, to try and re-vamp my blog's appearance but I only got as far as adding those ugly buttons you can see on the side. It's just so HAAAAAAAARD so TTTIIIMMMEE CONNSSUUUMMMIINNNGG. I'm not going to worry too much about it though, as my site doesn't get an extensive amount of traction anyway. BUT maybe that's why, because it's ugly?? Who's dog do I have to pet to get a professional site maker around here? Or a boyfriend? Or something? There must be a number I can call...? Anywho, I've had to pee this whole paragraph, so I'm going to go do that now also I've been listening to country music and enjoying it. I'm too happy. This is becoming hazardous.


March 07, 2014

OOTD: black friday

Faux leather jacket from Forever 21
New York cropped long sleeve from Urban Outfitters
High waisted black BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters
Black leather satchel from...Urban Outfitters!
Black booties from Spring
Cat eye sunglasses from eBay

Wow, what look at this shit I'm really on my OOTD game theze dayz. Today was one of those fluke days where you're all OH MY GOD IT'S LIKE SUMMER LET'S GET STARBUCKS AND DRIVE AROUND WITH THE TOP DOWN AND HEY LET'S GO TO THE BEACH WHY NOT OH WAIT NOPE IT'S A FLUKE IT'S GOD DAMN COLD OUT HERE BY THE WATER HELP!!!! But you like, do it anyway. It was chill. Also can I get a lint brush up in here? New super fun contest, spot the dog hair! Get on my level of pimp, people. My friend recently got in her possession a Ranger Rover (you can see it in the corner or and also it's the first picture rofl ok), so I'm really feeling that. I'm actually awful. We drove to the beach-each (ew) and basically just sat in the car staring at the water (our phones) because it suddenly decided to drop 15 degrees and become super foggy and cold, obviously. Stay tuned for another chapter of my ever so exciting life because apparently I'm ending this right now? Yep that's what's happening. I also think I'll upload a new video tonight or late tonight or something so SUBSCRIBE FOR THAT!