October 17, 2013

boys don't cry

I AM A STRONG-WILLED WOMAN WHO CAN DRESS MASCULINE IF SHE WANTS TO!! HEAR ME ROAR (like Katy Perry)!!!! Does a girl need an excuse to look like Charlie Chaplin? I think NOT. I don't think anyone needs an excuse to look like Charlie Chaplin: MAN OR WOMAN. Speaking of which, (not really)
 I've always been on the fence about whether or not I would call myself a feminist due to the fact that I can let Courtney Love explain for me in a quote from a recent interview in Bust magazine: “I think the word ‘feminist’ has been polluted, horribly. I raised my daughter as a feminist, and she won’t identify as one, because the word has been so fucking polluted by boomer media in the sense that it means that you’re ugly, or you’re fat, or you’re a lesbian—nothing wrong with being all three of those things—and every time I read an article in the mainstream media, it’s like, ‘Feminism’s dead! Dead! Dead, I tell you! Dead!’ And I’m like, No, it’s really not—not in me. Do I believe in feminism? Of course I do. Do I believe that there are a lot of us out there? No. I really don’t.” She makes a valid point: the word "feminist" in this day and age can mean so many things apart from the truest sense of the word, and it seems to be more of a fad to be a "feminist" than to actually be a feminist. Basically I believe in equal rights for men/woman BAM. Does that label me a feminist? In the most honest form, sure it does, but I'm not going to go around high kicking the dicks off of the unworthy men while my leg hair billows in the autumn breeze (for the record, I shave my armpits and legs)(when I want to)(IT'S PANTS SEASON OKAY). All I know is that I exited a vagina, I have a vagina SO I SUPPORT VAGINAS and all they can achieve! Did this even make sense? Whatever, what do I know? I'm just a stupid girl with too many thoughts. So here's another playlist featuring strong female vocals from the classic queen b's to the leading ladies lately, to encourage YOU to be a strong-willed woman. Or, just something to listen to while brushing your teeth or driving your grandpa to the grocery store (me). Or, just to dance to. Naked (also me).

October 09, 2013

hot n heavy pumpkin pie

Topshop anorak
Topshop cropped sweater
Bluenotes skater dress
Thrifted boots
deLux felt hat

I don't know if any of you will know the song this post is titled after, it's like super obscure, but it seemed suitable because pUMPKINS. October is never complete without a trip to ye ol' pumpkin patch if you ask me. Oh, you didn't? Well then. That's all.