March 27, 2013

OOTD: first shorts of the season!

Army jacket from Topshop
Thrifted black sleeveless turtle neck
High waisted denim shorts from American Apparel
Thrifted black boots

Black beanie from American Apparel
Gold chain from Aldo Accessories
Sunglasses from Aldo Accessories
Spiked bracelets from Aldo Accessories (do you see a pattern me neither)
Vintage Gucci watch
Lost Girl pin

MAC Viva Glam matte red lipstick (obviously)
L'Oreal Telescopic mascara (that you can't see)

 Today, I wore shorts. Calm down! Everybody sit down!!! This doesn't mean I'm gonna go out in a tank top and shorts, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. Mother Nature, I hope you're listening. I finally feel like I can start dressing like myself again! It's so INVIGORATING so EXCITING I'm so BROKE. Someone stop me from spending so much money on cute springtime accessories and summer dresses. I think there should be a clinical medical condition for shopping addiction. Is there? I'm too scared to find out. *Talking to everyone who consistenly reads my blog and likes it* How would you feel about a collective haul video? I feel the need to share my things so people can be excited with me and tell me it's okay that I bought it, that everything will be okay...Hope you all had a sunny day!
ALSO! Before I forget, I probably will be posting this numerous times over the course of the next few weeks, but I submitted a cover to the MuchMusic Coca-Cola covers contest and here is the link to my cover: CLICK ME!! PLEASEEEE!!!!!! and it would be FANTASTIC if you could give the video a little ol' rate!! Thanks guys! Ta-ta!!

Wow I just said ta-ta.


  1. You are beautiful :)
    And your blog is great!


    Coline ♡

  2. Thank you!! Your blog is awesome as well I totally followed you!!!

  3. your comment made me smile, really made my day! absolutley love this look, you look amazing!


  4. Ahhh love this outfit, so many different things going on! Love your blog writing too, always makes me laugh!

    1. yay that's so great to hear!!! thank you!