March 19, 2013

Playlist of the Day: Storm clouds are raging all around my door

spring time with friends from hblaisauce on 8tracks Radio.

I think this title ("The Man in Me" by Bob Dylan lyric) is quite suitable for these past few days. The weather here has been crazy! Throughout the course of one day it's like I'm watching an entire year pass by through my window; rain one minute, hail the next, then snow, and finally some sunshine to immediately melt the remains! Right now the sun is out and there are no signs of a thunder/hail/dog/yogurt/ storm in the near future, but the weather is as unpredictable as...whether or not I will think of something witty to end this with.
Enjoy some sunny tunes I've been listening to lately to put a little "spring" in your step! (haaahaaaaaaaaaa oh me...)

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