May 04, 2013

new video: april favorites!

APRIL'S DONE GET OVER IT. If you haven't seen my favorites video, then you should probably see my favorites video. How else are you supposed to know what you like without me telling you what I like first? Seriously. Also exciting things happened after I uploaded this here video. Let me tell you these things:
  1. Meghan Rosette from YOUTUBE!! (click me for her channel) commented on it! It was an exciting moment in my life. Almost up there with when Justin Nozuka touched my butt. BUT THAT'S A DIFFERENT STORY.
  2. Due to the fact Meghan commented, I literally gained 350+ subscribers in two days! THAT SOME ILLUMINATI SHIT.
It's stuff like that, that makes you realize how much of an impact people can have. CRAZYNESS. Like my uncle once said, "with great power, comes great responsibility." Or, someone's uncle said it. I can't remember.


1 comment:

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