April 30, 2013

green goddess

Topshop knitted cropped sweater | Topshop petite spot skater skirt | Doc Martens platform sandal | Topshop Edge Paint satchel | See by Chloe | Nasty Gal Dizzy shades | Topshop Helter Skelter nail polish | Topshop daisy stud earrings | KALE. EAT THAT KALE.
Lately I've been feeling very green. In my mind green is a very fresh, happy color and seeing as we are officially in spring (despite the random hail storm this morning???) I feel green is a perfectly relevant color to reflect my current outlook and mood. I've hopped back onto the smoothie train and have been drinking the most AMAZING/REFRESHING/HEALTHY/DELICIOUS smoothie ever made of kale, lime juice, mangoes, pineapple, banana, and chilled green tea! Smoothie smoothie smoothie can't you seeeeee sometimes your.....deliciousness...scares....me...Anyways, on my wishlist lately are things that I hope to pick up this month when I go to Vancouver for a weekend. Could I be excited about Topshop perhaps??? Hmmmmm, I can't tell. I'm really diggin' bright colors, platform sandals, anything daisy, skater skirts; basically everything trendy right now. I'm sooooooo trendy. Trendy trendy trendy can't you- stop. Ok sorry. Also, I've been absolutely dying to get the new fragrance See by Chloe. I sampled it in Sephora about a month or so ago and have been dreaming of it ever since. I think I may take the plunge very soon. I'm in desperate need of a new spring scent. MY EAU DE NATURALE SCENT JUST ISN'T CUTTING IT ANYMORE I GUESS. I should shower. BYEEE


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  2. Great post!

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  3. 1st of all, that smoothie sounds DELICIOUS. (and kale is like my favourite thing) and secondly, I love green and that cropped sweater is wonderful!!

    Francesca xo