April 27, 2013

gatsby, what gatsby?

I have been pretty much absent from posting here and on my channel because these past few days I've been...drum roll please...in the studio recording my EP! Well, we only began yesterday but the preparation is mighty time consuming! So alas, I have been unable to post. If you follow me on *~INSTAGRAM~* <-- (click me! and follow!) or *~TWITTER~* <-- (click/follow me too!), I've been updating like CRAZAAAY. Anyways, I thought I'd throw in a quick post today and leave you with this month's Vogue cover girl, Carey Mulligan on her role as Daisy Buchanan in the upcoming remake of THE GREAT GATSBY starring LEONARDO DICAPRIO AS JAY GATSBY CAN I GET A HELL YEAH. Not only is this book my favorite book ever, it's starring my favorite gal, Carey, and one of the more important men in my life, Leo. May's issue of Vogue features Carey looking amazing adorned in the finest designer attire, feathers and jewels. Need I say more?
Dior Haute Couture and Julien d’Ys headpiece
Chanel Haute Couture gown. Lorraine Schwartz earrings. De Vera diamond ring and Julien d’Ys headpiece
Alexander McQueen dress and Julien d’Ys headpiece
Nina Ricci dress and Julien d’Ys headpiece
Oscar de la Renta dress and Julien d’Ys headpiece
Chanel Haute Couture and Twenties headband from New York Vintage.
Miu Miu dress and Julien d’Ys headpiece

I can't eve make wrosd (words, see??). SHE IS MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER AND TOTALLY WORTHY OF THESE SHOUTING CAPS LOCK BECAUSE I'M SHOUTING. To avoid me from getting wayyyy to carried away on how beautiful each ensemble is (LOOK AT HOW AMAZING THESE PICTURES ARE?????? WHY????) I will end this with my favorite line of the article, said by costar and friend Jake Gyllenhaal, that I think describes Mulligan exceptionally: "A really good actor has fifteen choices in their pocket. A great actor has 150. She tricks you into thinking she has fifteen. By the time you've figured that out, she's 150 paces ahead of you."


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  3. I cannot wait to see this film!!!
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