April 07, 2013

maybelline color whisper and MAC review

 It's dreadfully weary out today! And while my mom is out bathing in the Jamaican sun (cool invite, Mom) I'm stuck inside avoiding the rain. So I decided to have a lazy day today and do a quick review of some lip products I've picked up recently! I've heard a lot about Maybelline's Color Whisper lip products but put off buying them for the longest time because lately if I'm choosing a lipstick color, I'll definitely lean towards a statement color because YOLO am I right?? But after buying two so far, I'll for sure be going back for more of these bad boys (WARNING: This is a positive, slightly obsessive review).

My favorite by far, though (out of two lipsticks?? how did you choose???), is Pin Up Peach! It's so soft and moisturizing on the lips and it's subtle color and shimmer practically scream spring! Get it?? Because it's on my lips which is where my mouth is which is where I talk and stuff. I think it's perfect for my skin tone and I just know it's going to be on my person 24/7. I reapplied it about 50 times throughout the day, not JUST because it needed to be, but because I loved it so much!! Although, it doesn't have the longest wear-ability it is definitely something I would recommend for this season.

Next I bought Oh La Lilac and again, it's so soft and lightweight. I like how the color is visible but not so in your face. It's definitely a cooler shade and reminds me of my Angel frost MAC lipstick, but for more than half the price! Both shades are easy to reapply and don't dry out your lips in the slightest!

My friend and makeup artist at MAC, Haley (woah awesome name kudos), ever so gracefully sent some bright lipsticks my way that she thought I would enjoy and DID I EVER. DID. I. EVER. Haley, if you're reading this, high five yourself or something.

The first one is MAC's Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Booyah!!! (enough said), and I absolutely love it! The color is a bright coral orange just like my Maybelline Electric Orange lipstick but a more matte shade, which I prefer. I don't even remember if I had to reapply it in the time I was wearing it, so I guess it stayed true to its name. I will definitely be wearing this color as my bright lip go-to this spring.

This is another Pro Longwear shade in Love Long Distance. It's a really pretty subtle pink lipcreme that I just envision myself wearing with an overall natural makeup look and a summery dress. I don't know. It just appeared in my brain. I have only swatched this one so I have yet to see if it too will live up to the longwear name, but I have no doubts. 

Lastly is, the Mattene Lipstick in Seductive Intent *dims lights*. WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAN. Can we all just take a moment. Okay. LOOK AT THIS LIPSTICK! It's beautiful. I have a couple other lipsticks in a similar color to this, but none of them are matte. It's another perfect bright lip that I'm eager to show off in places other than my room!!!! (I'm looking at you, rain). I found it did leave my lips feeling a little dry, but it's nothing a little balm or gloss can't fix.

I highly recommend all of these products for anyone in the market for some new spring colors! 


  1. Great post! I love all these shades especially booyah, what a gorgeous colour!such a shame it's limited edition xx

  2. love this post, all great shades!
    Just wondering if anyone could help me get a template similar to this one been trying/looking everywhere for ages now and still no look, would mean a lot! Thankyou x


  3. Liking this post; it's good to see what they look like on : )