August 26, 2013

what's the deal?

     "What's the deal?" One ponders about life.
     "What's the deal?" Some might think, annoyed, as the summer sweats off its last few days of freedom.
     "What's the deal?" 41 of you may ask; huddled over your keyboard hour after hour, patiently waiting for the arrival of my long over-due blog post (not really).
     "What's the deal?" A nation wonders re: Miley Cyrus' recent performance at the VMA's.
     "What's the deal?" I say out loud without realizing it and then it's kind of awkward.

     This a very good question, what IS the deal? In my opinion, summer ended far too fast, but fall couldn't come any sooner, and thus is the reason for this random blog post. Recently, I got this warm, familiar, tingly sensation. At first I was scared it was some sort of infection or something, but then I realized it was just my self's way of telling myself that the arrival of fall is close at hand. Not only is fall my favorite time of year (sweaters, Halloweentown, Dead Man's Bones, etc), it has this magical tendency to turn me into a productive, creative monster. Maybe I associate the month of September with school, and getting back into a regular routine of homework, projects and getting one year closer to "finding" my teenage self, that my brain is wired to think about getting work done, creating new projects and getting one step closer to where I, a fresh faced young adult, fits in all of this. Then again, it's just as easy for me to associate school with doing no work at all. So in conclusion, fall is just a really great time for me, so prepare for a regular routine of blog posts YAY YouTube videos YAY and the release of my EP YAYAYAY!! 

As for Miley Cyrus, see 1:07


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