September 24, 2013


Topshop cardigan
American Apparel floral baby doll dress
Urban Outfitters black knee socks
Cutout boots from
Topshop bag

Thrifted chain
Thrifted unicorn necklace
Thrifted sunglasses

Kate Moss Rimmel Matte lipstick 11
L'Oreal Telescopic carbon black mascara
Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in True Nude
Maybelline Master Duo liquid eyeliner in Bronzed Shimmer

It's 10 minutes to 6PM and I'll I've eaten today is a small bowl of pea soup for breakfast. Forgive me for my loopiness. I'm sorry but HOW can someone think of eating on such a DAY AS TODAY. I felt like I had to do soOoOo many things today and guess what I DID. I took closeup pictures of my face, filmed a video, and walked downtown; only to then buy a few records to add to my slowly building collection. The albums I chose purely reflected how I feel this season. Did I ever mention that autumn is my favorite time of year? I didn't? Weird. I also bought two others that I can't reveal to the world yet because one of them is a gift I just haven't figured out which one yet. Currently, Carole King's "So Far Away" is playing in the background and I feel so GOD DAMN CONTENT. It's days like today that I long to live in a tiny cabin in the woods in a small town in the 60's. In in in in in in. I long for complete isolation. Why is that? Is this my empty stomach talking? Holy shit every single song on this album is down right AMAZING. Any record collectors out there, or even if you own a record player and only play the newest hits, PLEASE go out and purchase Tapestry. It's the number one record I've always wanted to own since receiving my record player (among the list includes: Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, Coming From Reality by Rodriguez, Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell...the list goes on). ANYWAYS. I'm rambling. I'M A RAMBLING FOOOOOLLL. Buy my EP.



  1. Love your hair like this, pretty outfit!

  2. baby doll dresses really suit you!And paired with an open cardi, it makes for the perfect fall outfit!

  3. I'm absolutely in love with this outfit! Your style is actually amazing!
    -Magenta xxxx

  4. Love this outfit so much!
    I really like how you styled the knee socks , I'm always trying to wear them but I don't pull them off like you!