April 02, 2014

untitled screenplay

INT. TEENAGE GIRL(well, she's pushing it but let's just say she's a teenager because she's psychologically unable to perceive herself as a responsible adult)'s bedroom - NIGHT

TEENAGE GIRL is in her pajamas and has no makeup on/hasn't brushed her hair AKA she looks cute a frick okay don't even try to judge her she's her own person! A child!! T.G. is scrolling through TUMBLR and as we zoom in we see adorable photos of puppies (she's such a innocent one!!). Suddenly the bedroom door swings open and enter SUSAN, T.G'S overbearing mother. At that very moment, all the puppy photos turn into graphic hard core dog porn!! DOG PORN!! T.G doesn't follow tHOSE sorts of blogs!! She's a child! SUSAN casts a disappointed look towards her childish-yet-still-considered-a-teen-but-probably-should-grow-up daughter as T.G. frantically tries to exit the browser without success. As soon as SUSAN leaves, sobbing, the photos turn back to normal. Then, OH SHIT, SUSAN enters again and the cycle continues over and over and over and over and over again until the dogs come home.

                           Pun intended.



  1. I'll be home soon Haley. I will save you from yourself.

  2. HAHA this was funny

    ps im anonymous