October 25, 2012

dead man's bones

I don't know about you guys, but there are questions that I ask myself everyday, such as: "What is the meaning of life?", "Is someone reading my mind right now?", "What is the appropriate amount of days to go without showering (a friend was wondering)", "Why am I so good looking?" and, "Can Ryan Gosling get any COOLER???". The answer to all of these questions is, yes. That doesn't make sense. Only the last one. Okay, let me clarify. The answer to only one of these questions, this being the last question, is yes. **The answers to the rest of the questions are most-likely: pizza, probably Ryan Gosling, sorry, and what**. Contrary to popular belief, it IS humanly possible for someone that life threateningly amazing to be even MORE amazing. But, HOW you ask?? Well, by teaming up with band member (who is equally as cool) Zach Shields and creepy choir children dressed as ghosts, ghouls and skeletons, to create a spectacularly eerie and catchy Halloween musical experience called "Dead Man's Bones", of course! 
Man, the things I'd do to be that toilet paper-fied mummy standing in such close vicinity to greatness
For the past couple years since I stumbled upon this magical potion of musical Halloween themed proportions, the album has been my October theme. Children singing, echoing and reverb x3098634, creepy lyrics about zombies and bones I could only dream up, Ryan Gosling's "Blue Valentine"-ukulele-singing-voice... it doesn't get much more fantastic than that.
Here is a video of them playing live in a graveyard OH MY GOD.

So if you're looking for some Halloween tunes to get you into the spirit, here's a playlist of my favorite tunes by them! Jump in the car with a friend (or two if you have more than that!!) and drive down a deserted road blasting "Pa-Pa-Power", or go for a crisp October walk through the forest listening to "Werewolf Heart".

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