October 28, 2012


Maybe it's the T3's, maybe it's the Halloween madness in the air, maybe I have too much time on my hands WHO KNOWS!!! Whatever it was though, made me make a video compiled of clips found on my mom's computer of me just doing what I do best. So this one goes out to all those people sitting around, intensely pondering what a Day in the Life of Haley would be like and whether or not I have a fantastic cat sweater (the answer is yes, obviously). I know you're out there.
Now sit back, relax, take a deep breath, lean towards your computer, shut it off, take a match and light it on fire, open a window and THROW IT OUT AND WATCH AS IT SMASHES INTO TINY BLAZING CHIPS (ha ha microchips), and NEVER watch this video.
Who ya gonna call? My therapist.

ghostbusters psa from haley blais on Vimeo.

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