October 01, 2012

it's the most wonderful time of the yeaarrrrr!!!

Whaaaaaat another blog post?! This girl must be nuts! Yes. Extremely. Happy first day of October little goblins and witches! I hope everyone is prepared for the amount of Hallow's Eve madness I will be publishing very frequently and annoyingly. October is my favorite month of the year, if that wasn't so blatantly obvious; I love the magical air of eerie mystery accompanied with how it is completely relevant to dress in complete black or dress as something different each day! Now I can finally wear my lion suit without getting confused glances!!!! To commemorate this special time of year I spent the last day of September as witchy and as magically as possible.
Recent spooky purchases.

Thrifted black shawl, junk necklace, The Craft t-shirt, thrifted black skirt THRIFT THRIFT THRIFT!!! Thanks, Mom, for taking these photos as I stood there awkwardly...I....uh...(I love you shhh)
A candlelit October commencement.

I don't actually have a lion suit.

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