October 16, 2012

femme fatale

Yesterday I actually left my room (it's hard to believe, I know) but I only made it to my backyard. I decided it was probably in my best interest to dress up and photograph my extremely talented friend, Kiki Babbel, as a creepy, ghost bride who wanders the forest in search of her lost love. There are so many photos I'm just including my favorites on here, and if we are friends on Facebook you can see them all there. 
I also immediately thought of this song by Butterclock; it's airy-eerieness fits the photos perfectly.
orrrrrr here's my Hanging Tree song

Again, these were taken with my iPhone (blah) but I experienced major Tim Burton "Corpse Bride" feels. Hope you felt the shivers (not because it's cold) like I did.


  1. you are one talented photographer Hailey!!! just amazing

  2. Girls playing magic in the forest sorely tempt the woodland spirits. Yr friend is already possessed, tormented, and powerful. Be careful what U wish 4.