October 30, 2012

black velvet

Fading hand, haunted fashion, deliciously spooky candy, a last minute trip to the pumpkin patch, late night carvings, homemade pumpkin seeds, wilting roses (sry Mary)

The haunting hour is close at hand and November begins to breathe its icy breath along our slender necks; cradling your fragile face as it whispers, "I'm the most boring month of the year."

PLEASE OCTOBER DON'T EVER END!! If November had a name (other than ummm November) it'd be STUPID!!!! Hope you all enjoyed your spooky autumn adventures as we count down T-MINUS 1 DAY until the big day! That sounds like I'm talking about my wedding or something. I meant Halloween, for those of you who thought I meant my wedding. Even though I'm sure everyone has already celebrated their Hallow's Eve this past "Halloweekend", I'm still going strong with a trip to a haunted house and graveyard eagerly awaiting my arrival. Happy hauntings!!!

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