November 02, 2012

october roundup

I always have issues with titles. This one sounds like a ghost-cowboy-adventure. So, to clarify: this is not about ghost cowboy adventures. This is about me not accepting the fact that my favorite time of year is over. And I realize if I keep this going any longer, I'll really start to annoy everyone around me more than usual. SOOOO this is my last Halloween-related post. I promise (maybe). Here's a few photos of me in various costumes with various people also in various costumes at various times of this month. 
Freddy and Lydia
Unicorn, Lydia, Freddy and Alice  
A glamour ghoul and a mermaid
Wednesday on a Wednesday 
A spooky Halloween dinner
Half Sugar-Skull, Wednesday, Pugsley, Indian

WOW!!!! THAT WAS SO EXCITING!!! Hope you all had a great Hallow's Eve and are immediately preparing for the Holiday season ahead because what else would you be doing with your time. Since I usually like to ignore November and pretend it doesn't exist, I decided to think positively and just pretend it's an extra long December!...Which is kind of depressing as well now that I think about it...Okay it seems we're at an impasse. I'm just going to start my Christmas playlist now. 

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