November 05, 2012

la vie en rose

The sun actually woke me up today (well, that and my dog punching me in the face in his sleep), and amidst the the miles of clean white linen and a plethora of plush white pillows, I felt like I was waking up in a prestigious hotel in ol' Paris (pair-ee). I recently transformed my brother's old room (which was serving as an exercise/watch tv/sit on the ground/stare-out-the-window-and-contemplate-your-existence  room) into the location for my next fun photoshoot with Kiki, and decided I loved it so much that I would spend the rest of the day and night laying in the covers watching Netflix and flipping through my new Rookie: Yearbook One!! The whole *~ambience~* gave me a new perspective of November, and in this epiphany came one word: "fudge". So I went and got some fudge and continued my November-spiration which is all about...try and guess...because I already told's not fudge...even though it should's ol' Pair-ee! 1950's/60's Paris, specifically. 1950's/60's Paris fashion/music/atmosphere, if we're being extra specific. Fur coats, pea coats, trench coats, coat ensembles, gloves, fancy hats, An Education, cat eyes, little purses, dainty shoes, Edith Piaf, Edie Sedgwick's glamour, champagne, I could go on.... The whole era is so romantic and fun and glamorous and exciting and I figured November needed a little bit of an ego boost. You're welcome, November.

Little Edie, Rosamund Pike and Carey Mulligan in "An Education", Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick in "Factory Girl", Sam and Suzy in "Moonrise Kingdom", Edith Piaf, still from "Amelie", Carey Mulligan in "An Education", the women of Mad Men, vintage photograph, girls in fur coats, girls in pea coats.

Here is a little bit on musical inspiration. Au revoir! (<--- so clever and cute)

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