November 20, 2012

welcome to the space age

An era of birth to some of the most famous and historic pop culture icons in the world. If one travelled back in time to 1962 and turned the dial on that super cute retro radio, one would probably hear the sweet sounds of the newly debuted folk artist, Bob Dylan, or witness the birth of surf music from our pals the Beach Boys. Andy Warhol's infamous Campbell's soup can would be circulating the media, as well as Sean Connery's breakthrough role as "Bond...James Bond." 1962 was also the end of an era for  the famous Marilyn Monroe, as the star was found dead on August 5. It was the rise of the space age, where the possibilities of technological advancement seemed endless, and almost everyone owned a television set! Kennedy was on top as American faced threats of nuclear demise, and the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS ANYONE?? In Canada (represent), there was Diefenbaker or whatever. The fashion was great, the hair was great, the cars were great and Walmart launched its first location in it's long term evil plan TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.
But, contrary to what was believed at that time, we can't go back in time (BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT, EARTH), so here are some pictures and a video of me and my friend, Quinn, singing a song that wasn't as popular as some of the other songs back then but is still great and we are wearing top hats.

Rookie Magazine focuses on the fad that was the future, in the blast from the past article about retro-futurism: Literally the Best Thing Ever: Retro-futurism!

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