November 06, 2012

hometown hero

If we aren't already Facebook friends, and I haven't already spammed you with my most recent photoshoot featuring the wondrous Kiki Babbel, then you're in luck! If you want to call it that. For this shoot I converted my brother's old room (sort, Matt, but you don't even go here) into the room of my dreams, inspired by a mix between the Virgin Suicides and Romeo & Juliet (the Leonardo DiCaprio version, obviously). Since there are way too many photos to include on a single blog post without giving someone an aneurysm, I'm just posting my favorite shots! And you can see the rest HEREEEEE!! Unless you have better things to do. Which is highly plausible. Throughout the duration of this whimsical photoshoot, we listened Andy Shauf's new album, "The Bearer of Bad News" about 4 times over. If you haven't had the chance to listen to it yet, please do yourself this favor and do so. You don't have better things to do this time. 

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