November 14, 2012

here is simple and happy

If you haven't gotten around to watching the 2010 film, "Beginners", directed by Mike Mills, you're really silly. I recently partook in this activity and was not at all disappointed. I had been wanting to watch this film for-EVER, but it got lost in the chaos of my brain until one day when I was looking for my old winter jacket (which is unfortunately lost for-EVER) and I remembered inside the front pocket of this lost winter jacket was a folded picture of Ewan McGregor*. And so after crying a lot because the picture was gone too, I hopped on my computer (not actually, it would break if I literally did) and finally watched "Beginners". The movie stars Ewan McGregor (if you didn't catch that) as Oliver Fields, a young man trying to deal with his recent past and present. His past is his father, Christopher Plummer as Hal Fields, announcing to Oliver that he is going to die, and that he is in love with a younger man named Andy. His present is Anna, played by THE AMAZING Mélanie Laurent, the mysterious and alluring French (!!!!) actress who helps Oliver come to terms with life after his father's passing. The movie shifts from past to present and portrays Oliver observing his father, and himself, really fall in love for the first time.
The movie was written and directed by Mike Mills and is both hilarious and heart-breaking. It is wonderful in every aspect: the casting, the music, the script, everything. You'll see beautiful people (Ewan McGregor), cute/funny/creative drawings, Ewan McGregor, a super cool mom, Ewan McGregor, and oh right, a very introspective talking dog. 


ALSOOOO, I came across a somewhat new song from Slow Club that I hadn't heard yet that's also called "Beginners", and the music video stars Daniel Radcliffe dancing drunkenly around a bar, alone. It's really quite wonderful as well. This is my love song.

*I once carried a picture of Ewan McGregor's face in my coat pocket all throughout Europe. We saw and experienced so much together. It was a very romantic trip for the two of us, and even though we are apart now, we will always have those memories..........IT STILL HURTS THOUGH, YOU KNOW?!? Hold me.

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