September 30, 2012

hit me with your best shot

Miss me? Neither did I. BUT I'M BACK IN BLACK SUCKAS! Literally I'm wearing all black to mark the death of September and birth of October but it feels like July and I'm super duper hot. I'm also extremely warm oh ZING!!! Anyways my short hiatus is due to the endless hours spent watching Parenthood and studying the contours of Miles Heizer's face, having nightmares about my bleak future if I keep watching Parenthood and studying the contours of Miles Heizer's face, blog-block and a very boring September. And since it's technically still September, I won't dive into the October-eerieness quite yet. Instead, I'm going to share a beautiful thing I've come into contact with recently that I've also spent time oggling (is that a word) over. This wonderful thing is Bullett Magazine, a fashion, media and art quarterly that is absolutely FABULOUS. Their Fall 2012 issue is Romance themed and features Aaron Johnson (who is now Aaron Taylor-Johnson after an unfortunate recent marriage to a 50 year old transvestite. Okay, that's only half true. BUT LOVE IS LOVE I GUESS, KIDS), and colorful, intriguing articles. The issue radiates nostalgic-whimsical-cotton-candy-fairy-puppy-love-romantic vibes. I took it upon myself to scan my favorite spreads to share (even though I now realize I can get them off their website) and we can all oggle (still don't know if this is a word it has the red squiggly line!!!*&^) at the beauty that is Bullett Magazine.

  Hooray for awkward image placing/spacing! And hooray for Bullett Magazine!
Visit their website: and buy an issue today! On sale at Mosaic Books ;) :P :S :\ :) :D...........................................................BYE

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