September 02, 2012

color my life with the chaos of trouble

I made a crazy (fall) color collage!! You got your greens! You got your reds! You got your purples! I need my meds! (just kidding I don't take meds psssshhhh NOT SAYING theres anything wrong with that ha ha ha....*awkward shifting*)(also that rhymed)
Acceptable fall patterns/textures. You can't sit with us if you're wearing polka dots, sorry.
Also, happy first day of September (well technically it's the second seeing as it's midnight WHERE DID THE TIME GO WHILE I WAS WASTING MY LIFE AWAY WATCHING DAWSON'S CREEK??)!! I wore my new fuzzy Topshop cardigan in celebration of this day and effortlessly channeled fallish-vibes while effortlessly sweating away in the still summer heat. So cute!! Love me, male specimens!!

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