September 12, 2012

literally killing me softly with his song and every other way possible

A friend of mine once told me the Vogue Theater in Vancouver is haunted. Well, I'm not too sure about ghosts but the other night, (as I eagerly awaited the arrival of my future husband, pondering thoughts to myself such as: will he love me as much as I love him? Will he do that annoying thing and be creeped out when he wakes up to me watching him sleep? Will I have to give into my heritage and learn Swedish?  Because I'm totally not good at that whole bilingual thing) I was definitely in the presence of an angel. If you have not heard of The Tallest Man on Earth (shown above; it's not just a random picture of a shirtless man I have limits ok) you should revoke your title as an inhabitant of society, because you clearly are a hermit. For those of you who are fellow fans, you can just skip down to the part where you get extremely jealous of me for once in my life, and for those who have had musically deprived lives up until this point let me EDUCATE YOU. Kristian Matsson, said Tallest Man, is in my opinion, this generation's Bob Dylan. Born and raised in Sweden, Kristian is alone with his multiple guitars and heavenly voice to write songs of interacting and being with nature, the occasional sweet (amazing) love song, and others that make you feel like you are on a grand adventure in an enchanted forest or meadow or something to find the meaning of life with the Tallest Man on Earth. And since my words are not nearly as powerful as his, you will just have to listen for yourself.
Let me pick up from where I started before I gave the hermits the greatest gift of music they will ever recieve, and continue. So yes, my friend Maria and I woke up in the wee hours o' da mornin' on September 10th, and drove down to see The Tallest Man on Earth live in the Vogue Theater in Vancouver. 
Proof: me casually looking at the tickets
We grabbed a healthy breakfast:
Were mature and did not laugh/take a picture of this:
Or this:
Saw this awesome lady playing the tambourine along to music only she could hear and wearing a crown:
Counted down the hours until: (BIG SEAN!!!!!!!!!! Not really)
Found this adorable and delicious Greek restaurant which was suuuuper busy...:
At the concert we met up with a plethora of pals and I took an awesome quality photo:
Me and Maria looking like supermodels or something:
And then Strands of Oaks came on and played "Two Kids" and I cried
 And were AWESOME
And then (sorry for the horrible quality, iPhones make it easy to crack your screen but not have nice photos when you zoom in the slightest bit)...
He opened the show with "To Just Grow Away" from his new album There's No Leaving Now, followed by one of my favorites, "Love is All". He played both his old and new stuff and I didn't think it was possible for someone to actually be even better live, and that's saying a lot about TMOE. My friends and I stood at the base of the stage and swayed and sang along and my friend, Jocelyn, even brought him flowers she stole from a homeless person and threw them at his face and he said thank you and stuff! After the crowd gave a standing ovation and screamed for a good five minutes, he came back onstage for three encores (basically) of "The Wild Hunt" (my absolute favorite of his) a cover of Paul Simon's "Graceland" and finally leaving us with a piano version of "The Dreamer" and a humble bow. It was an amazing experience with amazing friends and music and $1 pizza. I could do it everyday.

I kind of ruin this whole video because I get reaaaaally into it and sing so loud and horribly you can barely even hear him. I mean.... it was this random girl beside me she was so loud and like moaning and stuff so weird what a psycho freak!! Some people are trying to LISTEN here right?!?!? Ha....sjfg;arigawgh!!!!!!


  1. OH MY GOSH HE IS BEAUTIFUL. I just got back into a TTMOE phase and I simply cannot even deal with this man. Looks and sounds like it was a great night!
    Also you are a wonderfully hilarious human being with flawless taste in men. And folk music.

    1. HE IS THE EPITOME OF PERFECTION. It was the best of nights I highly recommend seeing him live! Muchas gracias!!