September 19, 2012

people that make me want to die pt. 1

SO, it's hot. And summery. AND NOT FALL WEATHER WHATSOEVER. And since the only things I can think about posting are Christina Ricci's perfect braids in the Addams Family, or Thora Birch's gum boots in Hocus Pocus and color-changing hair in Ghost World, or the rules of a successful teen horror flick, it is not the time. Not just yet. Especially with this heat sticking around it's hard to get into the whimsical spirit of things. SO, instead I will go on a rampage of self loathing (not actually I LOVE myself WAY too much just kidding no actually though) over people who are obviously not real and just hallucinations created by the entertainment industry to belittle innocent victims and trick us into worshipping said hallucinations because they are so perfect in every way. And in keeping with NYFW, it seems fitting that my first contestant is...
Cara Delevingne

This girl is just so effortlessly cool and quirky and silly and gorgeous and ugh!!!!!! Look at her hair! Her eyebrows! Her cheekbones! Her style! Her life!!!! Can I be her please? I don't wanna cry just...hold me.

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